Below, provides the most common questions received by prospective members and other stakeholders.

Who can become a member?

Only recommended and referred positive individuals that have applied and been accepted can be members.

What will I do as a member?

Members will be responsibly for investment and participating with pertinent decisions via votes.

When should I apply?

Prospective members should apply immediately. A one-time cost will be charged for background checks.

Where are the meetings?

Meetings are via web utilizing standard teleconference and web technologies.

Why would I want to do this?

The purpose of the group is to be part of a network of 5100 professionals, participate with group investments and profit from medium to large successful initiatives.

How much does this cost?

The cost to apply is $50.00. The amount to be invested is $80 per week, for 26 weeks-only.

What if I decide to leave?

Terminated members, before the maturity date, will receive up to 100% of their initial investment and up to 100% of their profit. For example, if the term of the commitment is 10 years, and member terminates in the 9th year, then 90% of the total invested and profited will be provided to the terminating member.