Below, provides the most common questions received by prospective members and other stakeholders.

Who can become a member?

Only recommended and referred positive individuals that have applied and been accepted can be members.

What will I do as a member?

Members collaboratively participate with voting, meetings and business activities for maximum success.

When should I apply?

Prospective members must apply and be approved before the quota of 5100 has been achieved. A one-time cost of $50 will be charged for administrative activities and background checks.

Where are the meetings?

Meetings are via web utilizing standard teleconference and web conference technologies.

Why would I want to do this?

The purpose of the group is to be part of a network of 5100 professionals, participate with the group's collective business activities and profit from medium to large successful business initiatives.

How much does this cost?

The cost to apply is only $50.
The amount to be provided is $80 per week, for only 26 weeks.

What if I decide to leave?

Terminated members, before the maturity date, will receive up to 100% of their initial provision and up to 100% of their profit. For example, if the total term of the commitment is 10 years, and a member is self-terminated in the 9th year, then only 90% of the total invested and profited by the self-terminated member will be provided to the self-terminated member. The remainder will be split among The 5100.

More specifically:

  • Member A pays non-refundable $50.
  • Member A makes 26 payments of $80 ($2080).
  • Member A via participation profits $184,000.
  • Member A self-terminates in the 6.8th year of a 10 year term.
  • Member A receives $2,080 + 6.8/10 * $184,000 = $2,080 + $125,120 = $127,200.

Note: The above calculations are for illustrative-understanding purposes, only. Please note that all business activities occur with risk. Please acknowledge that actual profits can be substantially lower, equal or more than the aforementioned calculations.

What will the $80 be used for?

Collectively, the first initiative is to raise $10.6 million (from the 26 payments of $80 per member).
Via votes, The 5100 will assess, vote, determine and execute low-risk and high-ROI business opportunities.